3 differences between pneumatic valve actuator and electric valve actuator

2018-05-14 16:08Jason

1, Structural differences

The overall structure of the pneumatic actuator is divided into two parts of execution and adjustment, which are respectively composed of three different patterns and gears, and the power source is gas; while the electric actuator is controlled and executed by the circuit The structure is composed, and each part can become a completely independent level. In addition, as the name indicates, the electric valve actuator uses electric power as the motive force.

2, Differences in technology

The obvious difference between pneumatic actuators and electric valve actuators is the difference in their technical level. The overall structure of pneumatic actuators is uniform, so their load capacity is better, and because they use gas as a power source, it is special Suitable for high torque output; and the size of the electric valve actuator is relatively small and simpler than the structure of the pneumatic actuator, so from the technical point of view, its equipment is easy, and the power drive is also flexible.

3, Differences in the use environment

The difference in the use environment is also one of the important differences between pneumatic actuators and electric valve actuators. This difference is also caused by the difference in structure and energy between the two. Generally, the operating environment requirements for pneumatic actuators Low, can be used even in explosive, magnetic and gas contaminated environments. The electric valve actuators have environmental requirements. No matter the quality of the electric actuators, they must strictly comply with their environmental requirements.

From the basic characteristics of electric valve actuators, we can know that there are large differences between electric valve actuators and pneumatic actuators. The three obvious differences are their structure, technical level, and use environment. Does not affect usage, as the two actuators are used in different fields.

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