Basic principles of using Electric Valve Actuator devices

2020-01-09 20:42SAM

Basic principles to be followed in the rational use of Electric Valve Actuator devices

Should be full of the following basic principles:

1. Operation, equipment, inspection (maintenance) repair lunch

After the Electric Valve Actuator is installed, the operator should be able to correctly identify the valve direction, the opening degree sign, and the indication signal, so as to facilitate timely and decisive handling of various emergency shortcomings. Together, the structure of the selected valve type should be as simple as possible, and the equipment, inspection (maintenance) and repair should be convenient.

2. Safety and reliability

The production of petrochemical, power station, metallurgy and other occupations requires continuous, stable and long-term operation. Therefore, it is required that the selected valve should have high reliability and large safety factor, which cannot cause serious production safety and personal injury due to the shortcomings of the valve; meet the requirements of long-term operation of the equipment, and long-term production is the benefit; other, reduce or prevent Due to the leakage caused by the valve, a clean and civilized factory was established, and HSE (ie, health, safety, and environmental) management was promoted.

3. Economical

On the premise of satisfying the normal use of process pipelines, valves with relatively low forming costs and simple structures should be selected as much as possible to reduce equipment costs, prevent waste of valve original materials, and reduce later valve equipment and maintenance costs.

4. Meet the production requirements

The Electric Motor operated valve should meet the requirements of the application medium, working pressure, working temperature and use. This is also the most basic requirement for valve selection. If a valve is required to perform overpressure maintenance and discharge excess medium, a safety valve or an overflow valve should be selected; if a medium needs to be prevented from flowing back during operation, a check valve should be used; an automatic discharge of cold piping in the steam pipeline and equipment is required. If steam escapes, a trap should be used. In addition, when the medium is corrosive, materials with good corrosion resistance should be selected.

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