Types of electric valve actuators and the introductions.

2017-08-02 15:23Devin

1. Angle travel electric valve actuator:

Output 90 degrees corner stroke, for controling butterfly valve, damper, ball valve and other valves that need 0-90 degrees corner opening.

2. Linear-stroke electric valve actuator:

Output thrust, linear displacement, control of valves such as Linear-through valves that require linear displacement. Such as: control valve

3. Multi-turn electric valve actuator:

The output is over 360 degrees, Multi-turn electric valve actuator features reliable performance, advanced control system, small size, light weight, convenient use and maintenance. The valve can be controlled remotely, collectively and automatically. Widely used in power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, papermaking, sewage treatment and other industries. For controlling gate valve, globe valve, etc.

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