Daily maintenance methods for electric valve actuators

2017-10-25 11:19SAM

To ensure the service life of the instrument, it is necessary to carry out subsequent maintenance. In order to ensure that the electric valve actuator can work reliably under the harsh conditions of long-term shelving, the actuator should be maintained accordingly. The following describes some routine maintenance work for electric valve actuators.

1, installation

The connection between the electric valve actuator and the industrial valve should be firm, and the connecting screw should not be loose. Generally, the connecting screw should be tightened once every six months to ensure the installation is normal.

2, appearance

The surface of the electric valve actuator should be kept as clean as possible without dust accumulation, so its use position should not be directly splashed by steam, water and oil. If it is found that there is steam, water and oil splashing, it should be treated in time.

3, the power supply

Check the power supply of the electric valve device, the voltage of the three-phase power supply should be normal, and the automatic switch and the thermal relay in the power circuit should not trip. When the automatic switch and the thermal relay are found to be tripped, the cause of the trip should be checked and eliminated, and then the automatic switch or the hot runner should be reset.

4, sealed

The electric motor operated valve actuator is well sealed, and the pads of each sealing surface should be intact and tightly pressed. Check that the screws on each joint surface should be firmly installed, whether it is missing, whether the threading hole is sealed, and whether the sealing plug of the plug wire is tightly locked.

5, lubrication

The degree of lubrication of the valve actuator should be good, keep the instrument used smoothly, and the specific inspection: the joint surface of the outer casing should have no oil leakage, and the lubricating oil should be in the specified position. When the lubricating oil level is insufficient, the new oil should be added, and the valve stem nut should be filled with grease to ensure the lubrication of the valve stem nut is good.

Any instrument must be well maintained. The electric valve actuator also has its own maintenance features. The user can handle the product according to the actual use conditions to ensure that the product can be used normally without affecting the work.

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