Common failure for electric valve actuator devices and its solution

2017-04-28 15:12Amy

The valve electric actuator is the execution unit of many combined control instruments, which can accept unified standard signals and transfer these models into standard parameters to output sufficient mechanical torque. To drive the valve to complete various actions. So what happens during the use of small torque electric valve actuator, how to eliminate it?

Output shaft displacement changes, position feedback current is less than 10mA

Solution: Shake the handwheel to move the output rod of the actuator to the large stroke, then open the cover of the position transmitter, adjust the potentiometer W3, and adjust the milliamp meter to 10mA accurately. The opening is in one-to-one correspondence with the feedback current.

The relationship between valve electric device and valve

When the electric operator is manual, the actuator does not move.

When the operator switches the manual position of the switch, the operation switch is toggled in the "on" or "closed" directions, and the actuator does not operate. Under normal circumstances, put the operator switch in the manual position to turn on the power, and the "manual" indicator light. When the operation switch is turned in the "on" direction, the output shaft should be increased in the upward direction, and the position of the valve position opening table changes from o% to 10%. Toggle the operation switch in the "closed" direction, the output shaft should descend in the downward direction, and the position of the valve position opening table changes.

When the operator is automatic, the actuator does not move.

The operator works normally when it is manual, but when it is automatic, the servo input is not zero, and the actuator output shaft keeps a certain valve position and does not turn to the predetermined position. The solution is to reverse the neutral line of the servo amplifier.

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