Types of explosion-proof electric valve actuator

2018-10-08 18:10Jason

There are many types of explosion-proof electric valve devices on the market currently, and the following types are common:

Angular stroke explosion-proof electric valve device, Linear stroke explosion-proof electric valve device, explosion-proof multi turn electric valve.

Design requirements for explosion-proof electric valve devices

The function of the linear stroke and angular stroke explosion-proof valve electric device is to receive the standard value galvanic signal of 0~10, 4~20 mA or 1~5 volts sent by the regulator or other instrument, which becomes displacement after the actuator Thrust or corner torque to operate the switch, valve, etc., to complete the task of automatic adjustment. Both actuators used to consist of a servo amplifier and an actuator. Now the organic and electronic intelligent structure, their structure, working principle and usage are similar, the only difference is an output displacement (thrust) and an output angle (torque).


actuator assembly 30NM plastic electric actuator.jpg