What is the electric valve actuator made of?

2018-03-01 20:01SAM

The composition of the Electric motor operated valve actuator

multi turn IP67 high quality actuator valve.jpg

1 Motor

A motor is a switching power supply that accepts the output of a servo amplifier or electric operator, converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, which drives the actuator action.

2 Decelerator There are manual components, output shafts, and mechanical limit blocks on the gearbox. The reducer is the high speed of the motor, small torque into a low speed, large torque output power, in order to drive the valve mechanism action.

There are two brake pads on the base that limit the angle of the output shaft to a range of 90 degrees to ensure that the adjustment mechanism and the associated linkage are not damaged.

3 Position transmitter The position transmitter consists of a power transformer, a differential transformer, a printed circuit board and other components. When the gearbox output shaft moves, the cam rotates, is the iron core linkage of the differential transformer pressed on the cam slope to generate axial displacement, change the position of the iron core in the differential transformer coil, so that the voltage of the differential transformer output corresponding position is converted to the standard DC current signal (4 to 20mA). The angular displacement of the gearbox output axis is linearly related to the output current of the position transmitter.

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