Installation and adjustment of electric ball valve controller

2018-03-16 18:58Amy

The installation and adjustment of the electric ball valve controller mainly need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The model specifications purchased are fixed according to the diagram, and the grounding terminal on the rear panel must be grounded reliably.

2. The circuit diagram numbers of the controller and the electric device are the same. The controller and the electric device are connected by the same terminal number with the cable. If the user does not need on-site control, the terminals 12, 13, and 14 may not be connected. When the electric valve controller is used in the automatic control system, the terminals 12, 13, and 14 are used for the input terminals of the signals corresponding to “automatic opening” and “automatic closing”.

3. Press the power button, the power indicator lights, the remote control switch points to the remote control, and the remote control indicator lights.

4. Open the valve to 50% opening with the hand wheel. Press the valve to open or close the valve to check whether the rotation direction of the electric valve is consistent with the pressed button. If it is inconsistent, press the stop button immediately to cut off the three-phase power. Exchange any two of the three-phase power supplies.

5. Press the open valve button. When the valve is fully open, the valve on the front panel lights up; press the valve close button. When the valve is fully closed, the valve on the front panel lights up; when the valve is open When you need to stop during the process of closing or closing, press the stop button and the valve stops. Short the terminals 4 and 7, and the accident light on the front panel lights up.

6. When the electric ball valve is in the fully open position, adjust the potentiometer on the front panel to make the opening table display 100%.

7. The remote control switch on the site points to the scene, the on-site indicator light is on, the terminals 12 and 13 are short-circuited, the valve and the opening direction are in the jog state; the terminals 12 and 14 are short-circuited, and the valve runs in the off direction, which is the jog state. .

8. The fuse on the rear panel is 5×20, 1A.

Electric valve function requirements:

According to the engineering control requirements, the control function of the electric valve is completed by the electric device. The purpose of using an electric valve is to achieve non-manual electrical control or computer control of the opening, closing and adjustment linkage of the valve. The current use of electric devices is not just to save manpower. Since the functions and quality of products from different manufacturers vary greatly, it is equally important to select the electric device and the valve to be selected.

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