Common faults and elimination methods of butterfly valves

2017-12-10 15:51SAM

First, the butterfly valve test and adjustment

1. Butterfly valves, whether manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric, are strictly calibrated before leaving the factory. When re-inspecting the sealing performance, the user should evenly fix both sides of the inlet and outlet, close the disc valve and apply pressure to the inlet side. Observe the leakage on the exit side. Before the pipeline is tested for strength, the disc should be opened to prevent damage to the seal pair.

Manual butterfly valve Iron body.jpg

2. Although the butterfly valve has been strictly inspected and tested before leaving the factory, there are also automatic screw displacements of individual products during transportation. It needs to be re-adjusted, pneumatically, hydraulically, etc. Please refer to the instruction manual of the supporting drive unit.

3. The electric butterfly valve   actuator has adjusted the opening and closing stroke of the control mechanism when it leaves the factory. In order to prevent the power from being turned on, the user will open the manual to the half-open position after the power is turned on for the first time. When the electric switch is pressed, the direction of the indicator disc is aligned with the closed direction of the valve.

eletric UPVC butterfly valve.jpg

Second, butterfly valve common faults and elimination methods

1. Before installation, confirm whether the performance of the product and the flow direction arrow of the factory are consistent with the movement conditions, and the valve cavity is cleaned and cleaned. It is not allowed to have foreign matter attached to the seal ring and the butterfly plate. Allow the disc to be closed to avoid damaging the seal.

2, the disc mounting flange is recommended to use the special flange of the disc valve, that is, HGJ54-91 socket welding steel flange.

3, installed in the position of the pipeline, the best position is vertical, but can not be flipped.

4. It is necessary to adjust the flow during use, and there is a worm gear box for control.

5. Open and close the disc valve with a high number of opening and closing times. Open the worm gear cover for about two months to check if the butter is normal. Keep a proper amount of butter.

6. Check the compression requirements of each joint, that is, ensure the beeiness of the packing, and ensure the flexible rotation of the valve stem.

7. The metal sealing butterfly valve product is not suitable for installation at the end of the pipeline. If it must be installed at the end of the pipeline, it is necessary to adopt an outlet flange to prevent the seal from being over-compressed.

8. The valve stem is installed and used to check the valve usage regularly, and the fault is found to be eliminated in time.

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