Linear-stroke and angular stroke electric valve actuators

2019-04-03 15:24SAM

The following is a brief introduction to Linear-stroke electric valve actuators and angular stroke electric valve actuators.

Linear stroke motor operated valve actuator usually used for control valve, since the valve need linear stroke to pull/push the valve to open/close.

And the angular stroke electric actuator valve can used for many 1/4 turn/quarter turn valves, such as ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve, dampers, etc.

angular stroke electric motor operated  valve actuator

The working principle of the Linear stroke and the angular stroke electric valve actuator is to receive the 4~20 mA standard value galvanic signal sent by the regulator or other instruments, and then become the displacement thrust or the corner torque through the actuator to operate the switch and the valve. Wait, complete the task of automatic adjustment. Both actuators used to consist of a servo amplifier and an actuator. Now the organic and electronic intelligent structure, their structure, working principle and usage are similar, the only difference is an output displacement (thrust) and an output angle (torque).

Linear stroke actuator for industrial globe valve.jpg

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