Choose the right electric valve actuator!

2018-07-28 22:06Jason

Electric valve actuators (angle-stroke electric actuators, Linear-stroke electric valve actuators, multi-turn electric actuators), electric butterfly valves, electric ball valves and solutions. Torq company has a group of high-quality R & D personnel who are full of passion and constant innovation. From the initial design, material selection, process determination, superb manufacturing methods, and rigorous testing procedures, each Torq electric valve product can meet the most stringent requirements. Demanding working conditions.

If the electric valve actuator continues to be overloaded, it is necessary to protect the motor from continuous operation and electric operation. The thermostat can effectively prevent abnormal temperatures caused by overload, and thermal relays are often used to protect the motor from stalling. , Fuse can effectively prevent subsequent problems caused by short circuit.

The failure of the brake mechanism of the actuator will cause the electric valve actuator to fall away and also cause oscillation. After the brake mechanism of the actuator fails, the brake is not properly engaged, which makes the motor idle too long. Even if the deviation of the servo amplifier is already zero, the deviation of the servo amplifier cannot be zero due to the over-adjustment of the valve position. Cause the motor to rotate back and forth and produce oscillation. Usually, the failure of the actuator causes oscillation, so the electric valve actuator should be selected correctly.

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