Why TQA model  quarter turn electric valve actuators are so popular?

2020-03-21 21:29Jason

Why TQA model   quarter turn electric valve actuators are so popular?

It really starts with its functions: Quarter turn, or part turn electric actuator valve mostly are used for ball valve, butterfly valve, which are the most widely used valves. Together with actuator, its called electric actuated ball valve, electric actuated butterfly valve, or electric rotary actuator.


    Although the TQA model quarter turn electric motor operated valves are small sizes, they are also equipped with digital display and manual operation functions. They can operate the system controlled by them in real time, which is very convenient and fast.

     In terms of stroke setting, the small and large electric valve actuators adopt the theory of upper and lower limits. You only need to press the button to determine the upper and lower limits of the entire actuator, without entering the system for additional modifications.

     The combination of the functions enables the TQA electric actuators to achieve convenient and intelligent operating characteristics in various occasions,which users pay more attention to.

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